The establishment and development of TSK Denko Co.,Ltd is like the developing history of Taiwanese machine tools. In 1988, I was working in the Mitsui Kinzoku Group in Japan. I realized that I had left my home country for several decades and should eventually return to my root, to provide feedback to my country and make some contribution. Therefore, I returned to Taiwan to help establish TSK with the partnership of Japan Shinko Electric Ind. Co., Ltd (it was a Fanuc designated wire and cable factory), specializing in manufacturing machine tools and industrial grade wires and cables.

In 1995, the Japanese partner withdrew and moved to mainland China. At that time, this field in Taiwan was just in its infancy. Since the need for these kinds of wires and cables differ from the need for wires and cables for household and consumer goods, most are imported from other countries. TSK not only manufactures wires and cables, but also offers the customized cable harnessing that completes the entire production process. We produce the most reliable and high quality wires and cables in a very timely manner and at a low price. Our company, thus, raises the manufacturing quality among our peers and increases the competitiveness of Taiwanese companies internationally. At the present time, this wire and cable manufacturing business is ranked second among Taiwans exports. Taiwan is ranked the fifth country in the world for the manufacturing of these types of wires and cables.

Wires and cables are the nerves of machine tools, their importance is obvious. Along with the rapid development of the processing speed of machine tools and factory automation, the transmission speed of computers, the variation and high demand of relevant solvents, and the refinement of space-saving, the demand for specific characteristics of wires and cables also varies and has become very specialized.

In 2001, we established SK TEC CO., Ltd in China, directly providing for local clients. Currently, our clients include major world-class companies in Taiwan, China, Japan and Germany among others. The quality of our products is affirmed.

Looking forward, our company will continue to follow our three main management beliefs we have held since its inception: quality first, strict timely delivery, and reasonable pricing. We continue to innovate, to research and develop, and to achieve the goals of company growth and the blessedness of employees and families. We strive continuously.



President and GM
Been-Chang Lin